The 7 Best Face Swap Apps to easily Face Swap your Images Online in 2024

Here are 7 top free AI face swap tools for 2024, perfect for creating entertaining photos and videos. These apps let you easily switch faces in images and videos, delivering realistic results by placing one person’s face on another’s body. This article introduces the best free AI face swap tools for 2024.

These tools are user-friendly and great for generating humorous or creative content for social media or personal enjoyment. They offer various features to explore, whether you’re swapping faces in photos or making deepfake videos.

Comparison of the 7 Best AI Face Swap Tools

Below is a comparison of the 7 best AI face swap tools for 2024, focusing on their features and ease of use to help you choose the best one for face swapping.

AI Face Swap Tools Features Device Compatibility Free Plan Pricing
Face Swap App High Quality, Fast, Very Cheap Website, Online, App Yes Freemium
BasedLabs AI Face Swap Very good quality, accurate face detection Website, Online, App Yes Freemium
B612 Gender and animal face detection, Detects cartoon faces for swapping Android, iOS Yes In-app purchases
Artguru AI Diva templates and avatar creation, Single and multiple face swapping Web app Yes Starts at $3.33/month
Face Swapper AI Create animated avatars, Realistic transformation of scanned faces Web app, Android, iOS Yes Starts at $29/year
Remaker AI Multiple face detection, AI fashion model generation with face swapping Web app Yes Free
Facemagic AI Repository of templates and effects, Detects faces of animals, humans, cartoons, artwork, etc. Web app, Android, iOS Yes In-app purchases

Several apps let you swap faces easily and for free in 2024. Here are a few popular ones:

1. Face Swap App

Face Swap App is a free, AI-driven tool for swapping faces in photos and videos. With no hidden costs, it offers a user-friendly interface for seamless face replacement. 


– AI-powered face swapping for photos and videos

– Automatic matching of facial features and skin tone

– Supports multiple face swapping

– Available on iOS and Android


– High-quality, realistic results with no watermarks

– Fast and efficient process

– Easy to use and privacy-focused


– Limited editing tools

– Occasional inaccuracies with animal faces

– UI could be more polished

Pricing: Free to use

Link: Face Swap App

2. BasedLabs AI Face Swap

BasedLabs AI Face Swap is a free, advanced tool for swapping faces in photos, perfect for creating memes and funny content. It offers secure and high-quality transformations, ensuring privacy and user satisfaction.


– AI-powered face swapping for photos

– Simple upload and face swap process

– High-quality, realistic integration

– No hidden costs


– Fast and efficient face swapping

– User-friendly and accessible

– Ensures privacy; no storage of facial data


– Limited to photo swapping only

– UI could be enhanced

Pricing: Free to use

Link: BasedLabs AI Face Swap

3. B612

B612 is a favorite among AI face swap apps for both Android and iOS. It offers numerous filters to enhance selfies and portraits, along with a variety of stickers to add expression to your photos.


– Gender and animal face detection

– Cartoon face swapping

– Filters can be added before or after swapping

– Real-time filters for selfies


– Extensive library of stickers and filters

– Accurate face-swapping

– Social media sharing features


– Ad-supported interface

– Free version has limited features

Pricing: Free version with in-app purchases

4. Artguru AI

Artguru AI is a web-based tool for easy face swapping. Its straightforward UI allows users to upload photos and detect faces for swapping.


– Automatic detection for single and multiple faces

– Templates and avatar creation

– Face swapping for photos and videos


– Offers templates for face swapping

– Supports video face swapping


– Limited features in the free version

Pricing: Free version, $9.99/month or $3.33/month annually for additional credits

5. Face Swapper AI

Face Swapper AI is an accessible online tool for face swapping. Users can upload selfies and swap faces with templates of celebrities, trending scenes, and backgrounds without needing an account.


– Animated avatar creation

– Realistic face transformations

– Preset templates

– GIF and video creation


– Video and GIF creation

– No account needed


– Doesn’t work well with low-quality images

– Free plan limited to 10 credits per day

Pricing: Free plan available, $29/year for Starter, $49/year for Premium, $69/year for Advanced

6. Remaker AI

Remaker AI offers unique online face swapping and photo editing tools. It detects and swaps multiple faces, sharpens blurry images, and alters backgrounds for better results.


– Multiple face detection

– AI-generated fashion models

– Background manipulation

– Additional photo editing tools


– Edit photos with face swapping

– Multiple face detection

– Avatar creation from templates


– Advanced features may be hard for beginners

Pricing: Free

7. Facemagic AI

Facemagic is a mobile app great for on-the-go face swapping. Using a Deep Neural Network, it easily replaces faces and offers various effects for editing.


– Extensive template and effects repository

– Detects faces of humans, animals, cartoons, and artwork

– Easy social media sharing

– Face swapping in videos and GIFs


– Fast face detection and swapping

– Unique effects for avatar creation

– Social media integration


– Ad-supported

– Advanced features require a subscription

Pricing: Free version with in-app purchases

How to Pick the Best Face Swap App

Face swap apps are easy to use and offer various options for swapping faces and creating fun content. Here’s how to choose the best AI face swap tool for a better experience.

We’ve rounded up the best free AI face swap tools. To select the right one, consider these features:

– Face Recognition Accuracy: Ensure the tool accurately detects and aligns faces for realistic swaps.

– Swap Quality: The swapped faces should blend well with the original images without looking distorted.

– User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive interface makes the process easier, especially for those with limited tech skills.

– Customization Options: Adjusting face size, position, and angle gives you more control over the final look.

– Variety of Faces and Templates: More options enhance creativity.

– Real-Time Preview: This feature lets you see the results immediately before finalizing.

– Privacy and Security: Choose tools that respect your privacy and do not misuse or store facial data without consent.

– Compatibility: Ensure the tool works with your devices and platforms.

– Regular Updates and Support: Frequent updates indicate active maintenance and improvement.

In summary, these top free AI face swap tools in 2024 make it easy to create unique photos and videos. Whether for social media fun or personalized content, these apps offer an exciting way to explore face-swapping. Give them a try and enjoy making interesting content!


1. What are the top face swap apps for 2024?

The article lists seven leading free AI face swap tools for 2024, ideal for creating fun photos and videos. These include Face Swap App, BasedLabs AI Face Swap, B612, Artguru AI, Face Swapper AI, Remaker AI, and Facemagic AI.

2. What are the key features of these face swap apps?

These apps offer various features, such as AI-powered face swapping, automatic facial feature matching, animated avatars, multiple face detection, filters and stickers, and customizable templates for both photos and videos.

3. How do these face swap apps differ in pricing?

Most of these apps have free versions, but some offer additional features through in-app purchases or subscriptions. Pricing plans vary, with some starting at $3.33 per month or $29 per year, while others are entirely free.

4. Are these apps user-friendly for beginners?

Yes, the tools are designed to be user-friendly with intuitive interfaces. They offer straightforward processes for uploading images, detecting faces, and swapping them, making them accessible even for those with limited tech skills.

5. What should I consider when choosing a face swap app?

When selecting a face swap app, consider face recognition accuracy, swap quality, user interface, customization options, variety of templates, real-time preview, privacy policies, device compatibility, and the frequency of updates and support.